Equipped with +/- 20% Slope Automated road terrain replication,

“Bitelli Lux” delivers joy to your indoor real riding.

Uphill & Downhill


For Advance and Pro models EC3 made it possible for Bitelli
to recreate actual road terrain with a -/+20% degree slopes.
Terrain automatically adjusts based on chosen road course.

Rounded Bottom


Design reduces noise and vibration and provides smoother
ride & comfortable training

Wind Blower  (Option Parts)

3 speed blowers provide natural resistance from front or tailwind support from back. Automatically adjusts according to rider’s speed.

Magnetic Particle Break provides precision control & natural increase in resistance. 1600w of power.

Safety Bar  (Option Parts)


Provides safety and easy access to the touch bar for start &
stop options + wire keeps balance & stability during the ride.



Positioned instead of “front drum” for easy & real riding. Secures balance & safety of the rider. Secures safer wheeling & steering. Natural & comfortable riding position. Timing Belt provides simultaneous rotation of front treadmill and back drums without possibility of sliding.

Folding System


Smart design provides convenient storage and transportation.


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